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​All nominations must be for a teacher who was actively teaching in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Teachers house must be inside of a 55 mile radius of Tulsa Oklahoma. Teacher must own their home in order to receive free roof if declared winner. If teacher does not own their house, teacher may opt for a certificate to be redeemed on a future home or may transfer prize to someone else.​


Nominator must provide the name of the teacher they wish to nominate as well as a valid phone number and/or email. Nominator must also indicate which school the teacher works at. To validate each nomination, nominator must provide their name and a valid phone number and email. Nominator will be notified of their successful nomination via email and nominator will also receive a free NoBull roof assessment.​ Nominee will be notified of their nomination and an initial roof assessment and documentation will be performed.


The Roofs4Teachers promotion will begin on March 11th, 2021 and end on October 20th, 2021.

Important contest dates and details:

March 11 - April 30

  • Contest begins and nominations open

May 15

  • Nominees notified and emailed link to promote friends and family to vote

June 1 - July 15

  • First round of voting will be open

July 30

  • Top 10 teachers will be notified and NoBull Roofing will begin video interviews with nominees.

August 15 - September 15

  • Second round of voting will be open

October 20

  • Winner will be announced​


Any nominations of individuals who are/were not teachers will be disqualified. Any nominations of teachers who did not teach in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic will be disqualified.

Prize includes a free roof up to 30 sq (THREE THOUSAND SQUARE FEET). Scope of work will include tear off of 1 (ONE) layer of shingles. Haul off and disposal of trash. Full replacement with Synthetic Felt, Drip Edge on all eaves and rakes, Ice and Water shield per IRC requirements, Starter Strip around all eaves, Starter strip around rakes of any low slop roof facets (4/12 or lower) Atlas StormMaster Shake shingles, Ridge cap shingles, up to 5 (FIVE) roof vents or Ridge vent, Chimney flashing (if applicable), Step flashing on all roof to wall transitions (If applicable), and a 5 year implied good workmanship warranty.